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About Us

     Welcome to Risk Identifications Pvt Limited Pakistan, a new era in Private Investigations (PI). 
     We are a group of private investigators and analysts, offering a wide range of prices and services, from small jobs to considerable assignments. Most of us are Pakistanis with diverse skills and experience at all levels of society, which is important to be effective in Pakistan and cost efficient.

     Our main office is in Rawalpindi (PAKISTAN) but beside covering Pakistan we can probe in a wide range around the globe. We are sensitive that our work in many cases will affect people lives quite significantly -- both the customer's and the subject's -- so we are careful to do the right thing, and diligent to do our best. We carefully choose which cases are acceptable. Bias, attitude and objectivity are key traits to consider in a private investigation. We understand a wide variety of people origins, options in life, and outlooks, all without arrogantly judging. We find out facts for you to base your decisions. Nonetheless, we are willing to offer extensive analysis and advice, based on our 10+ years of experiences.

     Thus, we basically find out The Truth and more facts, and offer analysis based on an intimate understanding of Pakistan and broad, in-depth experience, without pre-judging or prejudice, using an appropriate team from our diverse private investigators. We are longtime professionals operating systematically, for ordinary private citizens to find out personal information for only their own purposes, and for businesspeople to help their business in ethical ways. We always stay on the right side of the law in performing our investigations. Even within the law, our policy is safety first for everyone, too, whether it be in traffic, surveillance, undercover, or situations of potentially violent emotions. We are not officials of any government. We are private investigators, performing this service commercially.

     Indeed, compared to expecting much for free from government employees in any country (including embassies, consulates, and local indigenous officials), it is often more appropriate to contact a private sector entity, which in many kinds of cases will be more responsive, can be directed more flexibly, and will be willing to provide superior quality of service. (Private agents are successful because they seek challenges, diversity, and adventure, not security and reputation in a government bureaucracy. We are also independent, not needing to take orders from any government bosses -- we often don't agree with our governments! We accept the cases we want to do, and reject those we don't. We earn our keep and our reputation.)

     If you need dynamic, talented, and resourceful entities on the ground in Pakistan, intimately familiar with the Pakistani languages (especially spoken & written), the Pakistani culture and the various systems and traditions here, then it would be difficult to find anyone better than us. Our core people are highly educated, some of us well traveled, and maintain close relationships with good experts associates on call.

   We accept both small and fairly large investigations.

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